Hello Baby parents, to better react to a difficult child

Hello Baby parents, to better react to a difficult child

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Crises, anger, refusal ... these classic manifestations of the opposition phase, leave many mothers clueless. According to Baby Allo Parents, they have trouble setting the limits to their little "tyrant" in diapers. One solution: call 0 800 00 3456

When moms are afraid of not being loved anymore

  • Around 18 months, the child enters the opposition phase and starts saying no to almost everything. Clothing, diet, sleep: all the moments of daily life are pretext to make crises in front of what number of parents do not dare to resist.
  • Many mothers feel overwhelmed by what they perceive as disobedience. Some of them even feel "tyrannized" by this child to whom they can not set limits or dare ... terrified by the idea of ​​no longer being loved by their child, if they prevent it to do what he wants.
  • This parental difficulty is not uncommon since 38% of Allo parents' calls to the baby number concern the education of children under 3 years old and the limits to fix them.

Thea phase of opposition is a stage of the development of the child

  • The opposition phase is an important period of early childhood development who gains autonomy: walk, language ... The child goes to conquer the world, he tries to push the limits that his parents fix him.
  • The child must have a structured framework: it is not because he tries to refuse the limits he is given, that he does not need them. On the contrary: feeling limits is reassuring, it feels contained by the limits. Feeling frustrated, does not prevent at all from feeling the love of his parent, on the contrary. This is explained by early childhood specialists to parents who call them at the toll free number Allo baby parents.

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