10 ways that the future dad can react to the new

10 ways that the future dad can react to the new

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"Honey, you're going to be daddy!" Delighted, surprised, astonished, worried, too happy ... with each new future dad to react to the news of the announcement of a pregnancy! He's going to be daddy and that gives us the opportunity to smile a little ...

Honey ... you'll never guess?

That's it ... the little sentence is said. Now everyone has to react in his own way ...

1. Say, you worry me, there!

2. Who's the best?

3. You can not know what it makes me ...

4. No, are you kidding?

5. She is good this one!

6. You're sure, I mean really sure ...

7. You can not know how happy I am

8. Uh, I'm not too ready there ...

9 ... whatever!

10. Do you know that I LOVE you?

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