Air France keeps children traveling alone away from adults

Air France keeps children traveling alone away from adults

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To guard against possible complaints of sexual harassment, Air France has decided to keep adults away from children traveling alone. (News of the 03/09/10)

  • Since February 2010Air France's flight crew has received the following instructions: A child traveling alone, especially on long-haul flights, must not be seated next to an adult. A way according to the company to avoid any risk of touching.
  • This new directive would have been decided following several complaints on long-haul flights, especially to the United States.

An unenforceable instruction?

  • For some of Air France's staffthis instruction is inapplicable, especially for security measures. Indeed, in case of depressurization, it is an adult who must help a child to equip the oxygen mask.
  • Another problem highlighted by the unions : this new directive goes against the procedure of preparation of the cabin in case of emergency evacuation which recommends putting each child between two adults.

Stéphanie Letellier