African Safari 3 D at the cinema

African Safari 3 D at the cinema

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From the Namibian desert to the summit of Kilimanjaro, African Safari 3D offers an incredible crossing in Africa. For the first time in 3D! Some wonderful sequences on the wild life. But alas, many lengths too ... A book for your movie buffs from 8 years and are sensitive to ecology.

What we think

  • Starting point : the desert of Namibia. You will go up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Two experts from the fauna and flora of Africa are embarking us - aboard a jeep, a pirogue, or a hot-air balloon - for a Safari on 6 000 kilometers. It could be fantastic. Unfortunately, this film is not totally successful, at least for children. The technical problems, the expectations without seeing the shadow of a hair of animal ... too many lengths lead the pleasure.
  • For little devotees, from the age of 8, this film can still be rich in lessons. With 3D, one has the impression to be in situation: to observe the animals requires patience and softness, to cross Africa requires prudence and knowledge. Of course the key message is important: the population is growing at a high speed, the planet is warming up, we must act. But we, with children, we are also in the cinema! We would have liked more immersion in the middle of animals, even more zoom on animals. Pity !

What your child will love

  • Cross Africa by jeep, hot air balloon, in pirogue, it will make your little adventurer dream! There are beautiful wild landscapes: the Kalahari Desert, Okavango, Victoria Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Wait with Kevin and Mara to observe the black rhinoceros, a threatened species very very rare.
  • Observe the elephants very closely, when they get close to Kevin and Mara then in the car. Mara explains that this elephant "little wild" has probably already had to deal with humans who have necessarily given him food! The sequence in 3 D is superb, a little girl in the room tried to caress him the trunk!
  • Shiver when Kevin and Mara find themselves stuck in their tent as lions approach ... what to do? Fortunately Kevin is not cold-blooded and being a famous lions specialist, it helps ...

What you will love too ...

  • Learn that elephants Finally, there are almost too many in Botswana, which has been protecting them since the 1960s (40,000 in the 1980s, 130,000 today).

By Ben Stassen, 1:26, Studio Canal

Agnes Barboux