Adoption and same-sex parenting: is society ready?

Adoption and same-sex parenting: is society ready?

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Adoption and same-sex parenting: is society ready? Jean-Pierre Winter, psychoanalyst, Stéphane Clerget, child psychiatrist, and François Rico, president of the Association of the homoparental families answer us.

Is society ready for open adoption for same-sex couples?

  • JEAN-PIERRE WINTER, psychoanalyst *: "To ask whether society is ready implies that it should be so, and that it is behind what is desirable, but we do not know anything about it." The company seems divided into two parts more or less equal, one ready to accept this change and the other to refute it completely, but polls on topics like this have no meaning, whether the person answers yes or no does not prove for a moment that she has thought about what it means to her and to others, paying attention to overt speech and latent speech, and the fact that things look clearly accepted does not mean that in the depths of we are all ambivalent about this subject. "* AHomoparenté, Albin Michel.
  • STEPHANE CLERGET, child psychiatrist *: "In schools, there is already a welcome for children who have different family histories, whatever their specificity.Many progress is made so I'm not worried.After, there have always been rejected children, scapegoats, but the reasons may be diverse: because it is too big, not enough ... For adults to protect these children and work on differences, which do not justify exclusion. the habit of managing this, regardless of the cause of rejection. "* Author of The Pocket Pédopsy, Ed Marabout
  • FRANCOIS RICO, President of the Association of Homoparental Families: "Yes, because people have a current vision of society and many of them have a single sibling brother or sister in their entourage, who nonetheless remains a human being who has the right to love and to have a desire for a child.We are much less in rejection than before, especially in the big cities.As for the reception at the nursery or at school, children adopted by a couple of the same sex, I am not worried because there have always been homoparental families, but it was less said, the co-parent was not showing up.Today, teachers are more inclined to accept and integrate children from These families We have many testimonies attesting that the National Education has adapted to society. "

Stéphanie Letellier