Acquittal of a nurse accused of the death of a baby

Acquittal of a nurse accused of the death of a baby

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Accused of the death of a 15-month-old baby and mistreatment of her 2-year-old sister when she had custody of her in 2008, a nanny was acquitted after two days of trial at the Assize Court. from Pontoise. (News of 12/10/10)

Friday night, amazement has invaded the Assize Court of Pontoise. Accused of the death of a 15-month-old infant and mistreatment of her 2½-year-old sister while in custody in Argenteuil in November 2008, a nanny was acquitted in the lawsuit against her relatives of the victims.

Bruises on the face

  • In November 2008Frideline's parents are called by the nurse's husband who tells them that their daughter is in the hospital because she regurgitated her yoghurt. Once there, the child's father learns that his daughter died before he arrived at the hospital. She had bruises on her face and body and a broken liver that explains her death. The older sister of the victim, aged 2 and a half, also guarded by the nanny, has a broken arm and bruises.
  • For the prosecution, the guilt of the nurse is no doubt that the latter said he found the crushed child under a table in the living room after being absent.
  • For the lawyer of the Enfant Bleu, child abuse, civil party at trial: "There could be doubts about the guilt over the bursting of the liver at the origin of the death, but with regard to the bruises raised on the two little girls, the expert had indicated that he it was mistreatment "

Free dismissal of the Tribunal

  • Finallythe two days of trial have not really succeeded in establishing what actually happened that day. The family's lawyer wanted 10 years in prison. After two years of prevention at the Versailles women's arrest house, the young woman left the court free. The public prosecutor's office of Versailles has ten days to appeal this decision.

Stéphanie Letellier