Buy in an online pharmacy: 4 good reflexes

Buy in an online pharmacy: 4 good reflexes

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Today, pharmacies can sell nearly 4,000 non-prescription drugs on their website. With Dominique Dupagne, general practitioner, here are 4 tips to enjoy this service safely.

Step 1: choose the right site

  • Only physical pharmacies are allowed to sell drugs on the Internet. Before buying on a site, it is imperative to check that there is indeed a real pharmacy behind. Simply by consulting the yellow pages of the directory or by calling the pharmacy.
  • "This audit is not anecdotal because the risk would be to be on a fraudulent foreign site that pretends to be a French cyber pharmacy.In this case, nothing would guarantee the quality and safety of the drugs sold. ", insists Dominique Dupagne, general practitioner *.
  • A reminder: the World Health Organization estimates that one in two drugs sold on the Internet is counterfeit. The Ordre national des pharmaciens posts on its website the list of authorized cyber pharmacies.

Step 2: Check that the cyber pharmacy is pro

  • Check that this site offers a way to contact the pharmacist, either by email or by phone, in case you need advice.
  • It is also essential that the site asks you to complete a questionnaire before any purchase asking you for your age, your weight, what type of treatment you are following, whether you are pregnant, whether you have allergies or not. Thus, the site manager may block an order that includes a contraindication, a dangerous interaction between two drugs or a risk of overdose.

Step 3: Make sure the price is really interesting

  • The main interest of buying drugs online is the price. "By buying online, you can compare the prices for the same medicine with your usual pharmacy and also between several sites, so play the competition.This can be very interesting for people who regularly consume an expensive drug, not reimbursed. For example, the nicotine patches used in smoking cessation, "says Dr. Dupagne. Make sure, of course, that postage does not cancel the economy you have made.
  • A practical solution also if your working hours do not allow you to go to the pharmacy or if you do not want to queue in a pharmacy. Or if you want some discretion.

Step 4: Limit to the medications you have already taken

  • "We must limit ourselves to the remedy, that is to buy only drugs that have already been used and have been advised by a doctor or pharmacist," says Dr. Dupagne. No question therefore to let you grow to the purchase by the well-supplied catalog of the cyber pharmacy!
  • "Buying online is absolutely not appropriate when you need emergency medicine, but it can be a good way to keep your pharmacy fund up to date: as soon as you notice a lack, you can is replenished with a click, "he continues.
  • And what to put in this fund? "Paracetamol, the drug of choice to deal with most pain and fevers." Ibuprofen for pain that is resistant to paracetamol, but to use sparingly because it is highly irritating to the stomach. lactulose (a sugar not absorbed by the intestine that softens the stool) to fight against constipation in children Smecta type clay intestinal dressings against diarrhea An antiseptic type Betadine for wounds. Physiological saline to rinse the nose in case of colds, "explains the doctor. And that's about it !

Isabelle Gravillon

* He participated in the drafting of the Guide to self-medication, ed. Vidal.