10 tips for safe summer crunching

10 tips for safe summer crunching

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Salmonella, listeria and other unwanted bacteria during pregnancy love summer too! No way to ruin your summer by making these bad encounters. Our advice to keep them away.

Karine Ancelet

10 tips to chew the summer safely (10 photos)

Fresh and gestures ...

Cutting board, knives, scissors, choppers ... are likely to transmit to food that you will cut bad bacteria recovered on a previously cut food. Do not forget to wash them with water between uses.

Frozen last

The good idea when you do your shopping? Buy your frozen products in any denrier. They will better support the break of the cold chain and will remain fresh and available.

Make the cool of a cooler

Remember the cooler? Not at all ! It will be convenient if you shop far from your holiday home and allow fresh foods to stay away from potential delays or traffic jams.

Fresh !

The cold weather does not kill the bacteria and a frozen food quickly promotes their multiplication as soon as it is at room temperature. Tip: Thaw your food in the refrigerator. Longer ... but recommended!

A small ice cream?

Want an ice cream under this heat? Why not, but never buy it from a street vendor. He spends his time opening it and closing it in full sun ... breaking the precious cold chain. So, prefer a good glacier, the one you recognize in the queue in front of the shop.

Yes to fresh eggs!

In summer, we are even more careful with eggs. They are responsible for the vast majority of salmonellosis. So, keep them well in your refrigerator and do not consume them more than 2 weeks after the date of laying on the shell or packaging. Another advice: pregnant, better consume hard, calf, casserole or omelette. More than 5 minutes of cooking is the ideal timing.

The good gesture? Throw!

Do you have some picnic salad left? One throws ! Left in the refrigerator, the leftover meals would make other foods enjoy your ride in the land of germs.

Blow of fresh on your hands

Your hands wander through all the bacteria nests ... so in the summer even more than usual, wash them thoroughly before touching food and before every meal.

Summer, we pack!

Avoid storing your food without packaging in the refrigerator. Hermetic box, aluminum foil, plastic film, enclose each food according to its nature to avoid that they contaminate each other.

Make the skin to bacteria

Apple, peaches, melon ... wash them well before cutting them. The skin of the fruit carries a quantity of bacteria and, by cutting them, you risk putting them in contact with the pulp.


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