Accidents, big or small, what to do?

Accidents, big or small, what to do?

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A huge lump on his forehead, a swallowed ball, a burned finger, a broken arm, a bleeding nose ... In the emergency, know how to make the right decisions and make the necessary gestures, without giving in to panic. The advice of our specialists to deal with all situations.

My child cut his finger

Your jack-of-all-trades or clumsy little cut yourself with a knife or whatever. Simple small cut, bleeding, more serious case ... case by case, the advice Dr. Dominique Penso-Assathiany, dermatologist.

Good reflexes in case of break.

Ouch, he banged!

Going to discover the world, even guided by an attentive mother, is not without risk. A big bump, a crowned knee, these are common sores in a baby's life.

A bump, a knee crowned ... what to do?

He stuck his finger

AIE Aie Aie ! Your toddler has just caught your finger in the doorframe of a window or the door of the car. It's rarely serious, but painful enough. The advice of Dr. Frank Fitoussi, orthopedic surgeon.

How to react ?

He's bleeding

Frequent in children, nose bleeds (epistaxis) are almost always benign. It is a bit awkward when it repeats itself regularly, but rarely alarming. Fragile mucous, cold, small object embedded in the nostril ... our specialist explains the right things to do.

The good gestures.

He swallowed an object

Your child brings everything he touches to his mouth. But this time, he has just swallowed an object. Ball or battery swallowed all round, object stuck in the throat ... How to react in such a situation? The advice of our specialist, Dr. Karine Garcette, gastropediatre.

What to do ?

He opened his forehead

Ouch, the dreaded accident has just arrived ... this is your toddler screaming, his hand on his brow with blood. Quick, first aid, some reassuring words, a big hug! Review of details with Dr. Jean Lavaud, head of a Pediatric SMUR in Paris.

What do I do ?

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