Domestic accidents: be vigilant in the garden too

Domestic accidents: be vigilant in the garden too

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Highly prized, when summer comes back, the garden is a place of fun and relaxation that is not without dangers! A quarter of domestic accidents occur there each year. So that your days in the open air do not turn into drama, you can adopt certain reflexes!

Barbecue: children at a distance!

  • Each year there are more than 200 serious accidents of barbecues. 40% of burn victims are children under 10 years old.
  • To avoid any risk of accidents, it is absolutely forbidden for children to play around the barbecue, or to approach it.
  • To reactivate the fire, prefer solid firelighters and ban the alcohol to burn, gasoline and white spirit, highly flammable and volatile.

Pool: under high surveillance!

  • Thehas legislation requires that all private pools are equipped with a security system: barrier, cover, alarm or shelter. Yet last year, more than 100 drownings took place in a private family pool.
  • With young children, nothing can replace the vigilance of parents! Indeed, between 1 and 4 years, they are very often attracted by the water but do not know yet to swim and are not aware of the danger.
  • Best of all: equip the children with armbands when they are in a garden with a swimming pool. Familiarize them with water by enrolling them in baby-swimmer sessions. Teach them to swim as soon as possible, starting at about 5 years old.
  • VYou can train in first aid who can save life in case of drowning.

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