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Course accident

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Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny is facing an emergency: Tristan fell and seems to have broken his arm. How to react ? A new episode of the adventures of our nanny.

  • The nap is approaching and I have a hard time channeling the energy of the two big ones who do not hold up. Tristan, in particular, has two Energizer batteries at the back of the eyes. I learned from his parents that he had gone to bed late the night before.
  • I invite them to listen to the Carnival of the animals ... when they start like antelopes. Tristan comes out of the room, inviting Bambi to catch up with him.
  • Obviously, she takes up the challenge, and I have to get up to calm them down. I did not take three steps when I heard an alarming sound, followed by a scream.
  • I rush out and find Tristan on the floor near Sam's carpet. Running, he'll have slipped on it. What I do not like is the wooden cubes scattered around him. If he slumped on the edge of one of them ...
  • "It's not me, I did not do anything!" Bambi defends himself with panic in his eyes.
  • "Yes I know." I go to Tristan.
  • "What happened ?"
  • "I hurt myself!" he yells.
  • "Where ?"
  • He points to his arm. An ominous blush marks the forearm, already swollen. Ouch!

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