9 tips to reduce your waste

9 tips to reduce your waste

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Every year, we produce 590 kg of waste per inhabitant, twice as much as 40 years ago. Here are some simple things to change our habits.

1) Drink tap water rather than bottled water

  • Unless it is for bottles of your baby, tap water is perfect for the whole family. Over a year, you can reduce your plastic waste by 12 kg. If you use bottles, recycle them in plastic bins.

2) Sign "stop pub" on your mailbox

  • You receive weekly dozens of flyers ? To stop it, make it clear that you do not want to receive ads. You will avoid throwing away about 35 kg of waste per family per year, or 15 kg per person.

3) Prefer rechargeable batteries over disposable batteries

  • For your children's toys and other alarm clocks, prefer rechargeable batteries. They are more expensive to buy, but with use, you save money and save the planet. If you have disposable batteries, put them in the bins made for it (for example, in most supermarkets). Do not throw them in the trash.

4) Print only what is essential

  • At the office, at home ... do not always print your internet searches. When you do, consider using the back of the leaves!

5) Avoid wipes

  • If they are very practical with children, especially on the move, they become less essential for removing makeup or cleaning. For example, cleaning wipes generate 3 to 6 times more waste than traditional products while contributing to air pollution.

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