7 reasons to stop at the rest areas

7 reasons to stop at the rest areas

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On the road for holidays, by car, do not forget to take breaks of at least 20 minutes every two hours! To stretch your legs, relax and even picnic with your family, why not stop by the rest areas located on motorways?

1 / To ventilate and stretch your legs!

  • When traveling by car, it is important to stop very regularly, to rest.

2 / For the well-being of your children

  • The patience and calm of children rarely exceed two hours. They also need to stretch their legs.

3 / To make a real break

  • Refueling is not a break. The gas station is not the best place to make a successful break. Noise, cars, the smell of gas are not conducive to relaxation!

4 / To enjoy the landscape

  • These rest areas are most often in wooded areas and offer for some magnificent views of the landscape. Nothing like it to break the monotony of the way of the highway.

5 / For a picnic

  • You can picnic in a green setting and let your children frolic.

6 / To take advantage of the children's facilities

  • Practical, they have mostly nursery corners and are equipped with games for children.

7 / To travel more serenely

  • Before you leave, consider preparing your breaks by identifying the rest areas equipped with equipment for children!

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