7 funny games to keep my child in the car

7 funny games to keep my child in the car

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On the road of the holidays, hard not to be bored! Here are some tips to kill the time that passes so slowly by car.

1. The toy bag

  • Fill a small bag with toys, which you will leave in the car: books, puzzles, building games, magnetic slate, coloring book ...

2. Riddles galore

  • Ask your child to find a word, a person, an object ... Help him by giving him the first letter and the last one or starting with a question. For example, I am one of the smallest animals on Earth, my name starts with the sound "ffff", who am I?

3. The cascading words

  • Choose a word and ask your child to find another word related to the previous one. Take turns playing. For example: house, kitchen, eat, hungry ...

4. The funny quiz

  • Give your toddler a character definition: "I have a big red nose and braces, I'm the ..." clown, of course! But on another round, it will be Yes-Yes, Santa Claus, Babar ...

5. Sing in chorus

  • Pack CDs of his favorite songs to sing with him. Think of the classics, that the whole family will be able to sing in canon: Brother Jacques, At the clear fountain ... do not forget also the songs with gestures, to play between brothers and sisters. Finally, story CDs provide a moment of calm during long journeys.

6. Endless stories

  • You start telling a story and your child has to invent the rest ... Once upon a time ...

7. The King of Silence

  • After having experimented all the games mentioned above, test this little game whose rule is very simple: the one who is silent the longest has won!

Agnes Barboux