70 "Houses for families" labeled

70 "Houses for families" labeled

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To better support families and help them know which structures to turn to when they need to be accompanied, Claude Greff, Secretary of State for the Family, created the "Houses for families". 70 establishments all over France received yesterday this official name. (News of 24/02/12)

In November 2011, Claude Greff, Secretary of State for the Family, presented 10 measures as part of the support plan for parenthood. Among them, the creation of "Houses for families". A few months later, after the study of 160 applications, 70 establishments throughout France were designated to receive this official name.

The role of Houses for families

  • These already existing establishments, but now better identified by the families thanks to this label, will allow them to know better to whom to turn in case of difficulties. These structures, be they associations, cultural centers or CAFs, will inform parents who need them about the social benefits they can claim and about the existing service offer in a given area.
  • These Houses for families can also meet the needs of parents through debates or groups of words and serve as a relay to better support those who face difficult situations with their children and who need specific answers (school failure, addictions ...).
  • The welcome in these Houses for families is free.

Find the list of the 70 laureates, by clicking here.

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