10 things you were not told about pregnancy

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

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You are pregnant ! This is the best time of your life, waiting for your baby ... Everyone is caring, you are the happiest of women. Except that, there are certain things that we had "omitted" to tell you about pregnancy!

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10 things you were not told about pregnancy (10 photos)

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You're more medically monitored than an astronaut candidate leaving for a six-month stay on the International Space Station

First of all, there is the monthly blood test, the results of which must be obtained the next day, with the urine bottle in hand - super glamor, no? As long as you do not come across Ryan Gosling on the street at that time ...
There are also appointments at the gynecologist for follow-up, multiple midwifery preparation sessions, mandatory ultrasounds, the diabetes test that takes three lead, consultation at the anesthesiologist ... And that's only if everything goes well! You do not have a minute anymore ...

All about your pregnancy monitoring

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You feel like you have Pamela Anderson's breasts

Your gynecologist warned you that your chest was going to take on a cup size. Nice understatement! You had to change all your lingerie because your breasts were overflowing everywhere. There is only one who is delighted: your man!

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You've become an expert in child care - by the way, you have to go out and do a tray at BFM about it

Stroller with three or four wheels? Cozy with removable cover? Reversible hammock? Bed adaptable in height? Changing table that is also convenient? Robot-mixer-cooker that also coffee maker? You have never stepped into the childcare section of your favorite supermarket, and now you can talk about the comparative advantages of different products for hours. Perhaps an idea of ​​reconversion for the post-birth?

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You must wear a T-shirt displaying in large print "No touch" to repel the unwelcome

Who decreed that it was a good chance to touch the belly of a pregnant woman? An ugly stepmother who wanted to take revenge on her stepdaughter, is that it? Stop! Your belly is not a thaumaturgical totem, so down the legs!

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10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You can not do your laces alone anymore

On the end of pregnancy, between heavy legs, the belly that blocks the best view, at worst the movements, and the sciatica that is felt, you feel like you're back in kindergarten when you ask to your man to do your laces before going to work ...

Illustration: Line Severinsen. Other drawings here

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

When you're not on a medical appointment, you're in the bathroom to pee

Ah, yes, there is a moment when you are quiet: when you are in the toilet to pee. Which is good because you spend a lot of time there, because baby leans heavily on your bladder ...

The ills of pregnancy with a magnifying glass

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

Your libido is playing roller coaster - and your man starts to get dizzy ...

Some days you feel irresistible, desirable, hot as embers. The next day you can not stand your man's morning kiss. Finally, this is for the beginning of pregnancy, because on the end, with the extra pounds, the big can that limits movement and back pain, the legend of the explosive libido of pregnant women takes a hit !

Sexuality? What changes pregnant

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You can not eat the "balanced" dishes you love: rare steak, raw milk camembert, chocolate mousse ...

Between the risks of listeria, salmonella and toxoplasmosis, your diet has been drastically restricted. Promised, as soon as baby is born - and breastfeeding is over - you offer yourself an orgy!

How to eat well pregnant? Our file

10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You have the choice between an ugly dress and inform cheap and a classy outfit but imposes to contract a loan for consumption

To fit your belly, you must change your entire wardrobe. A little expensive for only a few months, even a few weeks, right? Fortunately, there are today shops that offer rental of maternity clothes. Ugly tunics will not come through you!

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10 things you were not told about pregnancy

You track down the slightest stretch mark for hours in front of your mirror

You spread all the existing creams, you ask your girlfriends to know which ones are really effective, you dread the appearance of the smallest line on your thighs or your belly ... Vivement that it is finished!

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