Halloween games for your kids

Halloween games for your kids

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Vampires, ghosts and other voracious pumpkins ... have crept into our selection of Halloween games. Come on, we play to scare each other. Finally ... a little bit!

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Karine Ancelet

Halloween games for your children (9 photos)

Old and young pumpkins (up to 3 years old)

Tell your children the story of a tired old pumpkin, who does not want to celebrate Halloween, and who feels empty ... Shoulders drooping and trailing feet, mimic the discouragement of this pumpkin. Your children play the young pumpkins and must imitate you.
You tell that the old pumpkin is tired and yawned loudly. Your children are yawning in their turn. You tell that the old pumpkin wants to go to bed. You then roll across the room, followed by your children. You tell that the pumpkin falls asleep and go snuggle up in a corner of the room. Your children do the same. Then the pumpkin wakes up and continues to stir.
We can then exchange the roles: it is up to the adult to imitate what the children do.

Scary ghost (up to 4 years old)

Draw on a cardboard a great vampire or a ghost, and go hang it discreetly in the garden or in the house. In the dark, armed with a flashlight, everyone goes in search of the monster. Who will find it first?

Where is the vampire? (for babies)

Draw a small vampire on a thin cardboard and cut it out. Show it to your child. Then hide the image on you. Your child will have to find him. Tickling and laughter guaranteed!

The voracious pumpkin (up to 3 years old)

For this game, have a large box (at least 60cm x 50cm), colored pencils, scissors or a cutter, an elastic and small balls.
Cut a large pumpkin in the box. Draw a face to this pumpkin and cut out a large mouth. To the left and right of the face, dig two small holes and pass the elastic. You will be able to hold your pumpkin between two chairs for example.
Now, play the game: who will succeed to eat the most balls to this ravenous pumpkin?

What's in the bag? (up to 4 years old)

In a large bag, place several items such as a bag of ice cubes, plasticine, a rubber glove, a plastic spider, a brown bug, and so on. Strip a child's eyes and draw it into the bag. Will he dare to take out an object? And will he guess what it is?
You will find that everyday objects can be scary when you do not expect it.

Grimaces contest (up to 3 years old)

All participants stand side by side in front of a large mirror and challenge each other to make the worst grimaces. Who will realize the most scary? Who will be able to touch the tip of his nose with his tongue? Who will be better at making big eyes? Who will utter the most sardonic sneer? A game where more we are crazy we laugh more.

The pumpkin dance (up to 4 years old)

Each participant must find a partner who is about the size. Couples get into the pumpkin dance: they stand facing each other and must try to hold between their two foreheads a small orange balloon, all while dancing!

Poor little ghost (up to 4 years old)

The children sit in a circle. One of them stands up: he will be the ghost. He dances in the middle of the circle and stops in front of one of the seated children: he must absolutely make him laugh, making faces. The one who laughs is eliminated or takes the place of the ghost.

Pumpkin hunt (up to 4 years old)

This game is played in a dark room. The adult holds on his knees a grimacing pumpkin, lit from the inside. It is thanks to this weak and disturbing light that the children will be able to look for the second pumpkin, hidden in the room.
Whoever finds the pumpkin has the right to hide it on the next turn.


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