6 games to awaken his senses

6 games to awaken his senses

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Feel, hear, see, touch, taste, so many sensations that allow your child to better understand the world around him. Here are some games to do with him to sharpen his senses.

The waking game

  • Your child leaves the room. When he is outside, set an alarm clock so that it rings two or three minutes later, then hide it in a drawer or behind the sofa. Then have him come back and wait for the alarm clock to ring. It's up to him to find the alarm clock by letting himself be guided by the ring. A simple game that exercises hearing and works well even with little ones. Of course, you can adapt the degree of difficulty to your little one's age.
  • From 3 years. Play alone or with others.

The lottery of the noises

  • On a tape, record different noises: a car starts, a door creaks, the departure of a train etc. For each sound, cut out a corresponding illustration from old magazines and paste it on a cardboard card. Your child will then have to associate the right card with the good noise. The winner is the one who wins the most cards. Thanks to this game, children learn the connections and stimulate their memory.
  • From 3 years old, with a little help.

Noise in pairs

  • Fill small boxes with different materials : rice, peas, stones, sand or cotton. Fill 2 boxes with the same content. Note the contents on the base of the box and listen to the sound once. Mix all the boxes. Your child now to find the right pairs, by the sound. He will focus on hearing but will also associate what they have heard with the appearance of a particular box. This game stimulates his memory and promotes his ... auditory.
  • From 4 years old.

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