6 ideas for decorating your fridge

6 ideas for decorating your fridge

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Imposing and not really aesthetic, the fridge is present in all the kitchen, it does not escape our eyes and can not be forgotten. As long as you have an open kitchen, you only see him despite our efforts to eclipse him. Fortunately, there are tips to revamp and transform into a work of art.

1. The painting
Come on, we dare! And we completely cover our refrigerator using special paints appliances. We can play with the other colors of the room and make a shades of colors. Or opt for the always very funny slate painting on which the kids will be able to draw with chalk (and the biggest ones to leave words).

2. The maxi stickers

You know the stickers? Your toddlers, of course! But did you know that they are also available in large format and that they can be glued to walls, appliances or furniture? We can already imagine the joy of your children when you announce that they can have fun decorating the fridge. It's a party with peas!
3. The magnets
On the site myAlbumPhoto.fr, you will find a series of magnets that will delight young and old alike. The retro magnets collection give your holiday snapshots immediately while kids will prefer the Disney collections to show off their boobs alongside their favorite heroes. The other advantage of magnets? In ultra-magnetic soft material, they are very easy to reposition for a decor that changes all the time at little cost.

4. The wallpaper

For a very wide range of patterns and colors, do not hesitate! Direction the radius-wallpaper where you will find your happiness especially if you want a radical change. Art deco style, floral or graphic print, ethnic motifs ... make your choice! For this makeover of fridge, we recommend nevertheless to opt for a paper-launderable: easier to maintain and more resistant.

5. Children's drawings
Our kids have talent! While their works tend to accumulate in our drawers, we do not hesitate to expose them by displaying them on the fridge rather than on the walls!
And to make them stand, we use and abuse personalized magnets. The fridge becomes a real place of expression!

6. The stickers
In the same vein as the stickers, there are stickers designed specifically to cover the less aesthetic fridges. For example, you can play with trompe-l'œil or have fun repeating a pattern on the refrigerator and your kitchen furniture as a reminder. When the fridge is improvised playground.