Kindergarten: before entering the big yard!

Kindergarten: before entering the big yard!

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It's decided, you want to rework. And then it is time, before entering kindergarten, that he begins to be socialized sustainably with other children. A place in a nursery? Lost time ... So why not try to get him into kindergarten?

Kindergarten: the perfect transition from home to school

  • The kindergarten receives children in preschool age, between 2 and 6 years old.
  • It offers your child a regular home with an opening similar to the hours practiced by the kindergarten or collective nursery.
  • This structure differs from the nursery school in welcoming younger children, but it is not a nursery or a day care center.
  • It allows your child to experience life in the community as well as many specific activities of awakening, organized under the responsibility of early childhood educators.
  • To enter the kindergarten, your toddler must, in principle, be autonomous for the needs of daily life: eat, drink, go to the bathroom ...
  • And unless there is a contraindication attested by the presentation of a medical certificate, he must be up to date in his compulsory vaccinations.
  • To register, please contact your city hall or the establishment you have chosen.
  • Becoming acclimatized to this new place goes through a period of adaptation. Allow time for him to get used!

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