6 Fun DIY Crafts of Easter Baskets

6 Fun DIY Crafts of Easter Baskets

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To go hunting for eggs, it is better to be equipped with a good (and big enough) basket ... even better, a custom Easter basket made with his little hands. Here are some easy DIY ideas for your chicks.

Toilet rolls metamorphosed into a rabbit basket

It's crazy the number of fun things you can do with rolls of toilet paper and children know it! You can also offer them to use rolls of paper towels if you find that this basket is not big enough!

A tutorial to find on the site My Little Happiness

A basket of coquettish chicks with a crate

Here is a very large basket ... adorned with beautiful chickens to go on a quiet hunt. In addition, the straw will protect the eggs! This DIY is done with a crate of clementines, but any will do the trick.

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Small baskets nests

And if your rabbits were inspired by this DIY to make their baskets? It takes a bottle bottom of plastqiue, felt, fabric flowers, rabbit shapes and snail in wood (or cardboard) and straw ...

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A clever rabbit in a paper plate

It looks great, this rabbit made with cardboard plates and foam (which you can replace with crepe paper). See the DIY video

Soft felt baskets

Eggs and other Easter sweets will be well protected in these felt pouches. For this DIY, your child will need a little help from you to use the glue gun and embroidery.

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A cereal box that laid a hen

Nothing like a mother hen to take care of eggs! This fun DIY was made with an empty cereal box and full of paper ... magic!

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Do you like these crafts? Discover our special folder Easter crafts for your children!


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