6 tips to save space

6 tips to save space

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What techniques to adopt to optimize its storage and make room in its closets? Our tips for sorting.

The prospect of sunny days is often an opportunity to put some order at home. Marie Kondo, Japanese expert in the field, shares her advice in "The magic of storage", already sold several million copies in the world, but also in a series broadcast on Netflix. Practical tips to test without delay.

1) Sort by type of objects, not by room

  • "Today, the room, tomorrow, the living room". It is tempting to start his household by proceeding piece by piece. An error, according to Marie Kondo who advocates the storage by categories of objects to gain efficiency. Clothes first, then bags, then books and papers You will have the feeling of moving faster and will better perceive all of what you have. Do you hesitate to keep a garment? If you have not worn it for at least two years, it's because its time has passed. Do not dispose of your parts in good condition, put them in a recycling container (find the nearest to you) or give them to an association (Emmaus, Secours Catholique ...).

2) Sort clothes and unread books

  • On the bedside table, in the library ... It is not uncommon to have at home books "waiting" to be read. Marie Kondo is formal: if a book, bought or received as a gift, has not been opened after several months, it is because you will probably never read it.
  • As for clothes, do not throw them away, make a donation to an association (Emmaus, for example), trade them or resell them on the internet. Take the opportunity to also sort those you have read in the year but you do not necessarily want to keep.

3) Store vertically

  • Sweaters, T-shirts, pants ... The reflex pushes us to stack our clothes to put them in the drawers of our dressers. But to gain space, verticality is required. The method consists of arranging them side by side, folded on themselves and more on one another. A saving of space which will avoid you at the same time to put in order your stack each morning. This technique also works for socks, scarves and scarves.

Understand the vertical folding technique with Marie Kondo's video:

4) Recycle shoe boxes

  • Do you need storage boxes? Do not buy, recycle your shoeboxes. They are the perfect size to store socks, tights (always vertically) or belts and organize the interior of a dressing room or a drawer. The lid is also very practical, for example to gather the spice jars in the kitchen cupboard. Think about it!

5) Replacement buttons: do not let them hang out

  • With each new garment, his little plastic bag with a spare button, which most often fails in the empty pocket of the entrance. The solution? Sew the button (s) on the lining or label of your favorite pieces right after your purchase. If one day you need it, you will have it at hand.

6) Handbags: the system of Russian dolls

  • Large, small, medium, leather, fabric ... Handbags sometimes pile up in our closets and can take up a lot of space. Adopt the storage of Russian dolls, by subject, leaving the shoulder strap outside so you do not forget the youngest. Convenient!

By Stéphanie Letellier for NotreTemps.com