He spits out!

He spits out!

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  • He spits out? Your child may be just surprised by the spoon. Catching food is not easy at first. Above all, do not force it. He will come there. Try the experience a little every day and if he's still grimacing, add the equivalent of a teaspoonful of puree to the bottle of milk. But do not imagine that he does not like his first little dish prepared with love.

Little more for his taste buds, it's better

  • A knob of butter in pasta, in mashed potatoes? On the one hand, you say that fat can harm your health, on the other hand, you are tempted to improve the ordinary and bring some smoothness. Well do not hesitate, add a little butter or a dash of olive oil. Fats are essential for the brain development of your child. In addition, fats are known to be good flavor enhancers. And instead of masking the flavor of food, they reveal it.
  • Did you also try lemon on the fish? A few drops are enough, because it is acidic, but it is interesting to awaken the flavor of the flesh. And besides, it's full of vitamins.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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