It is not entirely clean

It is not entirely clean

Your child is not completely clean ... Well, it's said, even if the information was not so clearly expressed to the high authorities of the school, which could have signed the first failure of your little one love, to return him to his homes because of untimely pee.

It is only an accident and the teachers have all the capacities to understand it and wait a little: "The return, it is so moving for a child that it loses its bearings, what's more natural!"

And then the texts are pretty vague. We do not talk about cleanliness but "physiological maturation".

Nevertheless, do not be mistaken. Even if, in practice, practices have become more relaxed (and sometimes some ministers mention them), diapers are banned at school.

So, if it's just an accident, do not worry. On the other hand, if you are facing a small recidivist, it is more problematic. You may be asked to represent you at the beginning of the next school year, either after All Saints' Day, or to spend part-time to avoid a nap, a privileged moment for little uncontrolled pee.

Carole Renucci

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