He is spoiled at Christmas

He is spoiled at Christmas

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Every year, it's the same ritual. Your child is overloaded with packages at Christmas. This holiday may lose its grace ... and your child, the pleasure of enjoying his gifts. How to do ?

The problem

  • At Christmas, your child receives many gifts from all sides. Does not he risk to confuse the love of his relatives with this abundance? Or to wait for these presents as a due?

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. The tension around his frenzy of gifts can spoil the party and leave him with mixed memories.
  • You. You want to fill your child, but you realize that he is tired of all these beautiful toys. A little frustrating, no?

He receives all his toys the same day

On Christmas Eve, all members of the family bring their presents. Your child receives a multitude that he opens with haste. He passes from one to the other, scatters. He also risks more "pecking" than "investing", that is to say, not to take the time to create an imaginary and playful space from his toys. He may also begin to confuse affection and gifts and to be interested only in those who have given him the toys he likes. How to teach him the symbolic meaning of the act of offering?

  • What has to be done. Stay with your child to help him calm down as he opens all his presents. If some games do not seem to fit your age yet, so that they are not disappointed and reject them, prepare them to put them aside until they can enjoy them.
  • What to tell him. "Slowly open your packets, take advantage of it tonight, you want to play with it, look at all the gifts you've received, tomorrow we'll put the others away so as not to spoil them."

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