5 types of foods to use during your breastfeeding

5 types of foods to use during your breastfeeding

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Give your baby the best, breastfeeding, that's what you want! So how do you eat well to have everything you need? Our advices.

A varied and balanced diet.

  • Will your milk be nutritious enough to provide all the nutritional benefits your child needs? This is one of your biggest concerns, but rest assured!
  • Your body is an incredible and perfect machine: it will favor the manufacture of breast milk of excellent quality. Quit if necessary to go digging in your reserves ... So this is not the time to start a diet to lose your little extra pounds ... You might find yourself completely flat!
  • To keep fit, you do not need to increase quantities! You just need to adopt a diversified diet and adapted to your hunger, by following simple dietary instructions.

1. Eat foods rich in iron

  • Iron is one of the constituents of red blood cells. Anemia or lack of iron is responsible for great fatigue and makes you more susceptible to infections. Since your baby has not yet built up his own stock of iron, it is in yours that he draws to build his own blood.
  • So not to be anemic and have an iron health, think of eating red meat, or black pudding or egg yolks, but know that you will also find in legumes (lentils, beans ...) and whole grains.

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