5 safety rules to prevent drowning

5 safety rules to prevent drowning

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Swimming pool, sea, lake ... every year, children are still drowning. The opportunity to remember the safety rules to follow during a swim to avoid a tragedy.

The 5 safety rules to respect for a serene holiday

  • 1) By the sea, a pool or a lake,always equip your child with a float swimsuit and armbands. Beware of buoys or other floating items (mattresses, inflatable boats ...), they do not protect against drowning.
  • 2) Never leave your child's eyes when he plays at the edge of the water, even if he has armbands. Do not entrust the supervision of a toddler to a senior. As an adult and parent, you are the person responsible for monitoring.
  • 3) Never leave your child alone in the water. Bathe at the same time as him and never lose sight of him. It can drown noiselessly, in less than three minutes, in twenty centimeters of water.
  • 4) With a child, focus on supervised bathing areas. Ask about the nature of the waves, currents and tides when you arrive at your place of residence: some areas can be particularly dangerous.
  • 5) Make sure the bathing conditions are not going to come dangerous during the day. Check the weather reports regularly.

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