5 reasons to offer him an Advent Calendar

5 reasons to offer him an Advent Calendar

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Your child is claiming an advent calendar, but you are not convinced of his interest because you find it too commercial? Here are 5 good reasons to succumb to this tradition dating back to the early nineteenth century.

1) To mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities

  • 24 days before Santa Claus, it's a long time for your goblin, who has already been impatient for several weeks. While waiting to decorate the tree, the purchase or the manufacture of the calendar of the advent marks the first stage of this period of festivities.

2) To give it benchmarks

  • "Mom, does he come when Santa?" In a month, two weeks, three days ... If your child is still small, the notion of time may still seem abstract to him. Thanks to its calendar, it will project more easily. More than a few windows to open, and it will be there, Santa Claus!

3) To teach him patience

  • One box per day, and not one more. Keep an advent calendar up to date, without cracking by opening two windows at the same time, it's not so simple for your child ... Especially if his calendar is in the effigy of his heroes or favorite toys. It's up to you to explain the rules to him, even if you place him high up to open it together each morning if you fear that he will not resist the temptation.

4) To fall back into childhood you too

  • What could be nicer than being carried away by the magic of Christmas? Do you find these calendars too commercial? And if this year, you realize it yourself? A little time, some ideas, material, and voila. You lack inspiration? Discover our DIY ideas.

5) To teach him a little history

  • A calendar, all right, but does your child know where this tradition comes from? Take advantage of this purchase to explain it to him. Originally from Germany, the first calendars of the advent appeared in the nineteenth century: some Protestant families distributed pious images every morning to the children, for 24 days, to make them wait. The pious images were then replaced by biscuits, then by chocolates, figurines, toys ... Today, there are even versions for adults (beauty, delicacies and others ...).

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