Rattle, gantry, carpet ... same fight!

Rattle, gantry, carpet ... same fight!

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Every day, find one of the tips from the fourth issue of the collection "The essentials of: 70 games and toys to help grow", sold with the pocket format of. Today, our advice for 0-1 year olds.

  • Faced with a rattle, a gantry or a mat, all the senses of your baby are on alert. In the first place, the vision, not yet fully mature. By observing the different elements, your toddler trains to distinguish contrasts, shapes, colors, limits. When he waved the toy in front of his face, he tried to follow him with his eyes, thus developing his visual field, very limited during the first months. Of course, he also stimulates his touch, discovering different materials and textures with his hands. It also arouses its hearing acuity, thanks to the toys equipped with bells.

In terms of psychomotricity, progress is also at the rendezvous

  • By dint of struggling to catch the elements from the portico, to pass his rattle from one hand to another, to carry it to his mouth, he improves the precision of his gestures, perfecting the coordination between his hands and his eyes. While your baby is shaking, his brain is boiling! He treats all the sensory information perceived by his body about the same object (shape, color, smell, texture, weight, etc.). Then, he makes a synthesis to build the unique image of this object, immediately stored in memory.
  • The usefulness of such an approach for a toddler? Recognize the toy at its next meeting.

Carole Renucci

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Find more tips in "The Essentials of: 70 games and toys to help him grow", sold with the pocket format of.