5 questions to ask yourself when choosing your touch pad

5 questions to ask yourself when choosing your touch pad

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Wondering if it would not be smart to invest in a touch pad? But what is better? A special children's tablet or a tablet for the whole family?

1. A tablet for whom: parents or children?

  • Everything depends on the use you want to make. If she the tablet is only for children, better to choose a shock, with content that is dedicated to them 100%. Otherwise, opt for a family tablet, they are numerous.
  • If you want the tablet completely replace the computerThink ultra-portable computers sold with keyboard that turn into a digital tablet. They also have the advantage of using a mouse or touchpad unlike a touch pad to which you can add only a keyboard.

2. What are the advantages of an "adult" tablet?

  • It will serve the whole family. Choose a comfortable screen size (8 inches, 20.3 cm) of high quality and good performance, not to mention a wide choice of content, to download from the iTunes Store for Apple, or PlayStore for others. In the Apple universe, kids apps are really more numerous and more interesting than on Android for now. This is why Yann Leroux, psychologist and digital specialist, "prefers adult tablets to children's tablets". According to him, "the children know how to take care of it if they are well explained the value and the use".

3. What is the disadvantage of an adult tablet?

  • His price : it costs on average 2 to 3 times more expensive than a tablet for children.
  • This is why, according to a study by the Institute of Moms and VTech2, nearly 53% of mothers avoid lending their tablet to their child, lest it harm them (91%) or ... accesses content that is inappropriate for his age (81%).

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