Wellness gym of the 3rd trimester

Wellness gym of the 3rd trimester

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Circulatory problems, backache, stress at the approach of childbirth ... that's what awaits you in the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. Here are 3 easy gym exercises to do at home to relieve you.

7th month of pregnancy: circulate

You're sore in your belly, which has gained volume, and the real weight of your future baby weighs on your legs and blocks your return circulation. Also, spend a few minutes each day at a small gymnastics of the legs.

  • Lying on the floor, put your calves on the seat of a seat, so that your thighs form a right angle with your calves.
  • Twice the pegs a little clockwise ... then back in the other direction.

8th month of pregnancy: relieve your lumbar

Your future baby begins to feel cramped ... and you find it difficult to find a comfortable position - to ease your back, especially - when you're in bed. Solicited by the weight of your baby and not supported by your ligaments that distend in preparation for delivery, your lumbar pain a lot - offer them some reverse movements to the camber they adopted.

  • Lying down, feet on the ground and knees bent, inhale by inflating the belly.
  • Blow off by rocking your pelvis as if you were trying to push your lumbar in the ground. It will be easier to crush your back if you tuck your chin in your neck.
  • Operate 20 times this "toggle".

9th month of pregnancy: say no to stress

Your belly is stretched to the maximum. So it does not take much for it to contract and stress you. And if it was contractions of work? Learn to relax.

  • Elongated, feet slightly apart, your knees touching (your legs, "hook", are perfectly relaxed), put your hands on your stomach.
  • Inhale calmly, inflating the abdomen as much as possible, then blow while relaxing your stomach to the maximum. You should be able to move your baby slightly to one side then to the other, which relaxes your abdominal wall.