Pregnancy and overweight: do not eat for two

Pregnancy and overweight: do not eat for two

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According to a study, eating for two during pregnancy is a bad idea, especially in case of overweight, and could be harmful to the health of the mother and child. A balanced diet, even a controlled calorie diet, would instead limit the risk of complications.

  • Eat for two during pregnancy? A false good idea, especially if you already have some extra pounds. A study of more than 7000 women compared the different ways of weight control during pregnancy, whether through an adapted diet, exercise or a combination of both. Contrary to popular belief, exercise is not the most effective, but a controlled diet.

An adapted diet during pregnancy reduces complications

  • Researchers have found that a balanced dietcontrolled by a doctor, allowed to lose nearly 4 kg during pregnancy, while physical exercise does not even lose one (barely 700 grams, on average) and that the combination of the two does not exceed kilo.
  • In addition to weight loss, the scientists also realized that the risks of pre-season (rise in blood pressure), diabetes and premature birth decreased with a diet adapted to pregnancy, without this having a detrimental consequence for the baby or the child. mother, on the contrary. The birth weight of the child is not affected.
  • Attention, however! This study does not advise all women to diet during their pregnancy, but recommends targeting this type of nutritional intervention on women with obesity or overweight.

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