5 trace minerals friends of pregnancy

5 trace minerals friends of pregnancy

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Iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine ... these are 5 trace elements to be favored during these nine months. Present in very small quantities in the body, these trace elements have great effects on your shape during pregnancy and on that of your future baby.

Trace elements, what is it?

  • From the Greek oligos, meaning "little" (they represent less than 1% of our body mass), these mineral substances play an important role in all the chemical reactions of our body, at every moment. Present in very small quantities in the body, the trace elements regulate the physiological functions, favor the exchanges between the tissues and stimulate the defense reactions.
  • There are about 20 micronutrients present in trace amounts in our body, but they are particularly important during pregnancy. As the body can not synthesize them, it needs to constantly renew their contribution. Your menus must be rich in iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and a little bit ofiodine to build a stock in which your future baby will draw to develop.

1. The iron

  • Iron is a major constituent of hemoglobin. It is essential to transport of oxygen to tissues. Pregnant, your needs are greatly increased by increasing your red blood cell mass, plus those of your future baby, not to mention the requirements of the placenta.
  • If you feel tired, reconsider your iron intake to avoid anemia. You will find it in meat, fish, plants. The one brought by the meat is five times better absorbed than that of the vegetables. To increase the absorption of plant-derived iron, also use natural vitamin C: add a few drops of lemon to your vegetables or drink a glass of orange juice during your meals.

2. Magnesium

  • This trace element has a significant impact on the fetal growth. Pregnant, magnesium deficiency is therefore harmful. This can lead to the birth of a very small baby. Magnesium also plays a key role at the neuromuscular level. If you miss it, cramps and tingling may appear. Talk to your doctor without delay because any supplementation can only be done with his opinion. In the diet, you will find it in cereals, almonds, beans, corn, chocolate.

3. Selenium

  • Thanks to its antioxidant properties, selenium boosts your immunity to infections, intervenes in your blood clotting and neutralizes toxins. You will find it in meat, mushrooms, fish, cereals.

4. Zinc

  • It's an essential part of cell growth. He is also involved in strengthening the immune system. You will find it in meat, fish, pulses, cereals.

5. Iodine

  • This is another actor of the growth of your future baby, through your thyroid. As for you, he keeps you fit. You will find it mainly in the iodized salt, but also in the meat, the pulses, the products of the sea, the cereals.

Karine Ancelet