10 gifts to tinker for dad's party

10 gifts to tinker for dad's party

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On June 16th, the dads are at the party! Finding a gift is not always easy ... that's why we offer this selection of small home crafts for small hands!

Love of dads: the video

10 gifts to tinker for dad's party (10 photos)

Hero bookmarks

Dad, this hero ... And if we made him bookmarks of superheroes like him who swell so that he always stays on the page? An easy DIY made with straws, drawings and glue.
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Poster tenderness

Spotted on the site Allo mum dodo, a cute idea and totally free! Just have your child pose with large printed letters, take a photo of each letter and make a montage on the computer before printing. Here is a poster that will be the most beautiful effect in the office of dad or his room!
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Arty pencil pots

Inspired by this DIY Tatie Boubou blog to make pencil pots with cans, newspaper, cardboard letters and glue varnish. So nice !
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A sweet gift

An idea found on the blog Emilie44: it is a small cabbage transplanted into a glass jar and in which was stitched a plastic label with a photo of the child "disguised" as a dad with a mustache.
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Lice game

Daddy is a player? We offer him this game of homemade crap made from self-hardening paste and cardboard.
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Gift card by volume

This pretty box-card hides a surprise ... a beautiful drawing!
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Recovered frame

Made with a box of camembert, a photo and paper hearts, here is an original gift and quick to do that can be magnetized on the fridge!
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Card for super dad

To make this beautiful super hero card (and not a cape!), You just need colored cardboard, a Superman logo, glue and buttons ...

Handmade coasters

Unearthed on the blog of a maternal assistant, Les Pious de Chatou, an idea of ​​colorful and personalized coasters with hand prints for dad.
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Keychains very chic!

A keychain in the shape of a tie ... chic idea for dad of shock, no? A DIY made with a template of wooden tie, but you can replace it with cardboard.
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