Shared custody: the rules of good agreement

Shared custody: the rules of good agreement

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Did you choose to share child care with another family? This is a solution is increasingly adopted by parents but requires some adjustments ... with the nanny but also other parents. Explanations.

Shared custody: the right attitude towards the nanny

  • Your rights and responsibilities are the same as if you employed a maternal assistant.
  • In any case, try contacting the previous employer of the home nanny you are recruiting and planning a probationary period or a fixed term contract at the beginning.
  • Clearly define your needs, expectations and priorities. If you feel unorganized, develop with her the schedule of the week.
  • Write a specific specification with it (walk every afternoon, use of TV ...).
  • Take the time to chat every day to set the daily details.
  • Be "rule" with the administrative procedures ... and the payment of his salary.
  • Be punctual: in case of delay, always prevent it.
  • Inform her as soon as possible of your respective vacation.
  • Tell them what to do in case of illness or accident. Write down the emergency numbers and those where you can be reached during the day.
  • Ask your children to behave respectfully.

Shared custody: the right attitude towards the other family

  • Play transparency. If the nanny is equally divided between your two homes and you have the same number of children, the salary must also be halved. If the nanny spends more time in your family with more children to keep, it is normal for you to pay her more. Otherwise, you risk creating resentment and dissatisfaction ... In general, when each family has only one child, it is 50/50, if a family has two children, one of whom is educated and the other one has a baby. will be rather 60/40. It's up to you to negotiate!
  • Cut short the confidences of the nanny on the other family. Unless it concerns your child of course.

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