5 quiet activity ideas at nap time

5 quiet activity ideas at nap time

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In summer, no way out during the hot hours! But children do not always want to nap in the afternoon. So, while waiting for the moment of bathing, here are 5 ideas to make them wait!

1. Marine Memory

  • It is not because he is on vacation that your child does not want to work his brain! In the morning, during your walk on the beach, collect with your little holidaymaker different shells and pebbles ...
  • At home, in the afternoon, put your treasure on a beach towel. The number of items will depend on your child's age and ability to memorize. Ask him to concentrate and observe all the objects on the bath towel.
  • Then ask him to leave the room. Remove one of the objects. Mix the others. Return your child. He will have to guess what is the object that has disappeared.
  • In the countryside, pebbles and shells will be replaced by pieces of wood, pebbles, acorns ... or even by everyday objects drawn from the house: strainer, cutlery ...

2. Who is who?

  • A simple guessing game where everyone will imitate or mimic a familiar person, a trade, an animal ... and try to find it to the other.

3. House puppets

  • A swarm of characters at your fingertips! In a few flashes of felts or pens, draw different expressive faces - 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 mustache, 1 bangs ... - on the fingers of kitchen gloves or household disposable. To you and your little darling to invent the stories and epics of your characters! In the absence of gloves, you can draw directly on the fingertips using washable pens.

4. Express Puzzle

  • Take a colorful illustration from a magazine, or better yet, make photocopies of enlargements of family members. Cut into several pieces: 6 for a small child, 12, 20 pieces ... for a bigger child. See how he likes to recompose the face of his granny ...

5; You are the mother

  • To change the ritual of the story you tell him daily, reverse the roles! From now on, you are the child and he the mother tells the story. You may be surprised to find that your darling little one is really not short of imagination.

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