10 summer crafts with Eskimo sticks

10 summer crafts with Eskimo sticks

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Summer, the season of the Eskimos ... We no longer throw sticks, we made brico-recovery! With a little know-how and imagination, they can turn into funny objects. Here are 10 cool ideas (and a little frosted) unearthed for you on Pinterest.

If you have not collected the sticks, you will find in the hobby shops and supermarkets!

Other craft ideas

Karine Ancelet

10 summer crafts with Eskimo sticks (10 photos)

Butterflies fly!

Made with wooden sticks, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and small moving eyes, these pretty butterflies will love to sit in the garden this summer to put a touch of joy in the decor or the garden table. See the Pinterest tutorial

Relax !

After making these cute chairs, your elves will want to rest ... but be careful in real seats! See the Pinterest tutorial

The unicorns of summer

Everyone knows it, unicorns love the weather ... and kids love these magical animals. This DIY will make happy! See the Pinterest tutorial

The birdhouse

Birds also need some shade in the summer and have a hut of their own where to rest in peace. This one will be ideal! See the Pinterest tutorial

We put birds in the decor

To hang on the wall of his room or a branch in the garden, this nice DIY can be declined with the favorite colors of your artist. See the Pinterest tutorial

Reading buddies

In the summer, a good time to devour books ... but, in order not to lose your page, here are smart friends and too funny. It is enough to paint sticks of Eskimos (devoured them too) and to stick faces of animals in paper. Pinterest

Boat race

Summer, the sea, the boats ... this marine dive should make the hearts of your sailors capsize! See the Pinterest tutorial

Summer coquetry

The holidays are also an opportunity to adorn themselves with wonderful jewels, right? These bracelets should be jealous! See the Pinterest tutorial

Take care of takeoff!

Hovering this DIY! See the Pinterest tutorial

Not even afraid !

Sticks rolled up with green pipe cleaners ... and here are the stars of the summer! Teeth are made with a paper collage and eyes with moving eyes. Scary, no? Pinterest


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