5 stories before sleeping

5 stories before sleeping

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What are we reading tonight? Stéphane Daniel, author for children, offers 5 beautiful stories to share with your child at bedtime. Sam's Spring, Angling, Hunting Cro and Magnon ... Here we go!

Easter rabbits

Gourmet rabbit, candies and even chocolate factory ... This is an evening story that should make the mouth water of your budding reader. A story to tell the Easter weekend ... but not only!

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Cro and Magnon Hunting

At what time do Cro and Magnon live, the two heroes of this evening story? Too easy guessing! Here is a story of prehistoric men that should surely captivate your child. There, traces in the ground ... Let's go for the adventure!

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For her 4 years, Lola goes to the amusement park with her mother. What surprises await him! The opportunity to immerse your child in the story of a curious duck fishing. Sure he'll bite the hook!

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Sam's Spring

"In the village of Dorville, every time a child is born, a tree is planted in his garden" ... this is how this story begins! While snuggled in bed or in your arms, your little evening listener will love this story to fall asleep!

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Visit to the museum

"Say, you tell me a story ..." If you are out of ideas, here is a pretty short story to read about painting, mystery ... something to make your aspiring artist dream.

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Book ideas

Author of children, Stéphane Daniel wrote forty books. Here are the main ones:

For the youngest:Daddy Champion, The Knight Têtenlère, A Parrot's Love (Rageot Editeur).

For adults or teenagers:The Mystery Writer, The Visitors Beyond the Grave, Before It's Too Late, A Killer at the Window, Gaspard in Love (Rageot Publisher), Black Card (Ed. Magnard), The Girl with Black Eyes (Ed Youth Bayard).