5 ways to enjoy the beach to get in shape

5 ways to enjoy the beach to get in shape

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To you the sun, the sea, the idleness ... You feel the need to move, to let off steam too. So why not take advantage of the beach to resume physical activity? Provided you go gradually, without forcing to avoid hurting yourself. The advice of Marie-Anne Chabert, osteopath.

1. Breathe deeply

  • Because all year you are overwhelmed, stressed, worried, you forget to breathe well. Your diaphragm, one of the respiratory muscles does not work enough and you end up in apnea.
  • At the seaside, enjoy the benefits of the sea air by taking, always by the nose, great inspirations and expirations. This will both allow you to ask yourself and regain awareness of your diaphragm.

2. Walk barefoot on the wet sand

  • Most of your feet are locked in shoes. They are abused.
  • Walking on the wet sand will allow them to find sensations, massage them deeply and relax them. Do not forget to breathe well.

3. Running barefoot on wet sand

  • Running barefoot will do just as good to your feet as your articulo-musculo-ligament system. But be careful if you are not used to running, go step by step. No question of returning with a sprain or tendinitis!
  • Alternate walking and running so that your feet can readjust to the constraints of the ground and not to irritate your joints, ligaments and muscles too brutally.

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