10 brico-shells for the summer

10 brico-shells for the summer

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The shells, it's nice to pick them up on the beach ... but rather than see them hanging around the house or the pockets of your children, offer them a brico-shells workshop. We fished for you ideas that should surprise them!

10 brico-shells for the summer (10 photos)

Pretty fishing!

Your little vacationers have not seen tropical fish in the sea? No problem, with this DIY, they will be able to catch up! See the tutorial

Fish are flying

Pretty fish ... made with seashells, felt, paint and moving eyes (replaceable by eyes drawn on cardboard if you do not have it at hand). The explanations of this tutorial are in English, but easy! See the tutorial

Summer jewelry

For little coquettes or budding young designers, very funny jewels straight out of the sea. A nice holiday memory, right? See the tutorial

Sea turtle

No need to make a drawing ... this brico-turtle with a scallop shell is very simple to make. Your loulous will love! Pinterest

Summer pins up

Seashells, eskimo sticks, woolen strands and flowery motifs make these girls the stars of the beach. We know who will love! See the tutorial


Shell garland

This beautiful garland of the site Wonderland will amaze your little vacationers. Just follow the steps in pictures to realize it. See the tutorial

We are embarking?

These shellfish boats are simply made with toothpicks, pieces of plasticine (or Patafix), small pieces of colored paper. We put them back in the sea? See the tutorial

Funny crabs

Originals, these magnets with their caterpillar paws! They will be able to trudge on the fridge. See the tutorial

Lice game

And what if you were part of a family breakup? A funny tutorial found on the blog Thank you for the chocolate! See the tutorial

Pretty family

Seashells, glue, pearls ... and here is a mother panda and her baby to cuddle! See the tutorial


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