5 safety tips for traveling by car

5 safety tips for traveling by car

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Hardly the belt buckled, we already feel a little bit on vacation. A condition to leave with confidence, with children well settled and completely safe. 5 tips for the road.

1. Common sense for the right seat

  • Whoever has dressed a 3-year-old with clothes in 5 years knows that the age groups indicated on the seats are not to be taken at the foot of the number. Rule # 1, choose based on size rather than age or weight and do not wait for your child to overflow the seat to change.
  • Can I buy a used seat? This is three to four times cheaper and this is not excluded, but it must be ensured that the object has not experienced an accident and that it complies with ECE R44 / 04 or the new standard. UN regulation R129 (I-Size).
  • Since July 2013, this new regulation is based on the size of the child to determine if the seat is suitable or not. His goal ? Better protect children.

2. Fastening the seat: to check well

  • With the exception of nacelles that only buckle with the belts of the car, all classes of seats are now available with belt attachment or Isofix system. This system, supposed to simplify fixing, consists of steel loops more or less camouflaged in the bottom of the back of the bench, on which one hooks the fasteners of the seat before attaching a strap. Known as "top teather" and recognizable by its anchor logo, this strap ties the seat back to the roof or floor of the trunk according to the cars. On certain seats, it is replaced by a crutch that supports the front of the seat on the floor of the car, but this crutch is incompatible with many minivans with hatches storage in the floor: their lids would not withstand the pressure exercised.

3. At the front or rear of the vehicle?

Before 10 years, children must be installed in the back, however there are cases where the installation at the front is allowed:

  • If the child is seated in a seat intended to be in front.
  • If your car does not have a rear seat or does not have a safety belt in the back.
  • Your rear seats are already occupied by children under 10, properly attached.

4. The belt: no negotiation

  • The seat fixed - phew! - you have to install your little passenger, more or less cooperative ... Between 2 and 3 years, at the age of "no", if the method "let's do a funny game" does not work, we must move to that called the slicing: "I tie you up and scream if you want."
  • Safety in the car is not a negotiable subject. The straps of the harness must not be twisted or released on the body but clenched - without too much tightening - to avoid, in case of accident, the shock of the body against the belt, or even its sliding between the shoulder straps. If the child can free himself from them, it is because they are badly tightened or regulated.
  • For older children - on booster seats - make the horizontal part of the belt pass through the notches of the seat that guide the upper thighs, never on the stomach. The diagonal portion will be inserted into the adjustable backrest slot, to guide the belt over the shoulder, away from the neck. Once the belt is placed, pull it towards the reel to stretch it. Strict prohibition to the child to place the strap under the armpit or worse, behind his back.

5. It rolls: we continue to protect them

  • In the car, safety also requires a few precautions. If there is no adult in the back, we avoid sweets or solid foods: the slightest bump, risk of suffocation. We put in the trunk, hard and heavy toys (metal car, big book) that could hurt the child in case of shock. Instead, we take fluffy toys or non-hardback books. And so that the driver focuses on the road serenely, long live CDs of nursery rhymes, songs or stories, observation games (the first who sees a green car, a cow ...) and, for the older ones, a book of riddles, even some quiet DVDs ...

Jean Savary