5 tips to promote concentration

5 tips to promote concentration

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Your child does not hold in place for more than five minutes and fails to maintain his attention the time of a story? Here are 5 tips to improve your concentration and at the same time promote your learning.

1) A sleep regular

  • To be concentrated, the neurons of your child must have time to "recharge". For that, until he enters college, he needs at least ten hours of sleep a night. The regularity of bedtime is also important for concentration. On the weekends, do not let him go to bed late because he will have trouble getting back into the rhythm and fatigue will accumulate.

2) Real moments of exchange

  • If your child has trouble concentrating, play more with him and spend more time with him. This will weave the circuits of language, listening and attention. By playing with you, he interacts and concentrates on the words you say. It is best to spend a few small moments alone, rather than a longer time, where you will be disturbed or not fully available to him.

3) A balanced diet

  • No concentration without proper nutrition. Ideally, it is recommended to eat fish three times a week because it contains omega 3, good for the functioning of neurons. For breakfast enjoy milk, cereals (for minerals) with a fruit juice. If your child prefers sandwiches, they should be light: butter or jam, but not both. If this morning meal is too rich it may slow down his vigilance because all his energy will be devoted to digestion. If he is not hungry, offer him a milk drink on the way to school so that he is not hypoglycemic.

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