5 tips to ensure a healthy room for my baby

5 tips to ensure a healthy room for my baby

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Many deco and furnishing products contain various chemicals that diffuse into the ambient air, sometimes for years. Babies and young children are particularly sensitive, vigilance is the rule.

  • You will arrange the room of your future baby or renovate that of the largest? Take the opportunity to choose the right materials and give them the best environment possible. Many decorative and furnishing products contain a variety of chemical substances that diffuse into the surrounding air, sometimes for many years. As babies and young children are particularly sensitive, vigilance is the rule.
  • In the composition of modern materials, solvents, glues, specific additives (mildew, antibacterial ...) releasing molecules some of which are irritating or even toxic: the now famous VOCs or volatile organic compounds. They sometimes hide where you do not expect them: in a glue for wallpaper, on the decorative patina of a shelf ... Even if you have chosen a solid wood floor, your efforts to respect the environment could to be harmed by the addition of an inadequate glazer.

1. Know where to find labels

  • To keep these unwanted VOCs away from your home, trust the new rule. Decree No. 2011-321 of 23 March 2011 imposes the presence of a symbol indicating the level of VOC emission in indoor air after implementation, on all construction products, floor coverings, paints and varnishes.
  • Since 1 September 2013, this labeling is mandatory on both new and older products. It classifies the products clearly: from A + (little or no pollutants) to C. This labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dry, and not to those present at the opening or at the application. Hence the need to air during work and during drying.
  • To choose your painting: you do not have to give up the color you like for fear that it will be less healthy than white! By following this symbol, you will be sure to make a good environmental choice. Same thing for the flooring.
  • For the furniture: this rule does not apply to furniture, whereas treated wood, chipboard, plywood and plastics are also sources of pollution. Prefer those who carry the NF Environnement or European Ecolabel mark, guaranteeing a better safety.
  • Also think about the subsequent interview: a stain will be easier to clean on a satin paint than on a matte one. If you can, avoid the carpet for a child's room because, unless it is sucked carefully every day, it has an unfortunate tendency to shelter the mites.

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