5 good reasons to have your child's eyesight checked

5 good reasons to have your child's eyesight checked

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More than 52% of French do not consider it useful to have a child's vision checked before the age of 3. Yet it is at this time that the vision develops and that prevention is essential. To get the year off to a good start, consider scheduling a visual review in your child's calendar.

1. Between 0 and 2 years, three screenings are recommended

  • The sight of the infant is built month after month and it evolves rapidly. At 3 days, the infant can fix the face of his mother. At 6 weeks, he already knows how to recognize him. To preserve the visual capital of a child, it is essential to detect and correct as soon as possible its defects.
  • Yet by tracking and correcting babies' vision before age 1, more than 40,000 children could be prevented from becoming visually impaired each year.
  • This is why we must respect the screenings recommended in the health book.
  • In France, the rules of maternal and child health require three mandatory visits to the pediatrician with an eye exam: at the 8th day of life, at 9 months and at 2 years.

2. Signs that must alert!

As a child very rarely expresses difficulty in visual perception, do not hesitate to consult, in addition to mandatory visits, when certain signs appear:

  • A white glow appears in his pupil.
  • Your child is clumsy. He knocks, and often on the same side.
  • he always look on the same side.
  • He blinks frequently, frowns. His eyes are red, sting or cry.
  • Your child frequently has headaches or neck pain.
  • He refuses to scribble, does not care about puzzles or other visual activities.
  • He confuses certain letters.
  • He draws, writes or reads his nose glued to the notebook, he sometimes loses his line reading and rereading it twice, he draws or writes sideways.

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