Is he a future champion?

Is he a future champion?

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Tonic, agile and skillful ... your child is definitely a real sportsman. Future champion? Not necessarily ! Find the right pace and the right amount without breaking all your dreams of an Olympic podium.

Your boy? Always ready to shoot in the ball or sprint at the slightest opportunity. Your daughter ? She tries the entrechats and makes the wheel as she breathes. Your child is already registered in a club and, no doubt, he does not ask for anything better than to excel in his favorite field, especially since he has been noticed by his coach.

  • You are shared: must one curb his ardor or encourage him to go further, in competition or in a suitable school structure? It would be a shame to curb a gifted, but you risk to make a medalist despite himself.

Future champion? Stay lucid

Having a medalist in the family would not displease you, either. But, in your child's interest, it is important that you exercise good judgment.

  • Do not invest in his place and do not take personal pride in his prowess.
  • Whatever its level, do not play the role of coach. Even if you burn to give your opinion, avoid as much as possible technical advice or make a judgment on the progress of your little sportsman ... Let the professionals, you will only better ensure your role as parent.
  • Be sure to spare your child "psychological" pressure If the sport involves significant financial effort or monopolizes all your time to the detriment of your siblings, you risk guilt. Find the right measure.

Future champion? The medical point of view counts

  • Take a checkup with your doctor, the pediatrician or, if the coach advises, a sports doctor recommended by the federation. He will tell you if it is desirable to slow down or go further.
  • Prepare for the doctor's questions. Did your child hurt? This can happen but repeated injuries indicate a fatigue problem. Is he sleeping properly? If he is struggling to find sleep, especially before a test, the tension is surely too strong. Is he too small, too big, is he having a difficult time with his family or at school? In this case, an update with a psychologist may be helpful.
  • Be objective. If you observe any of these manifestations, the doctor will surely advocate for moderate practice. If your child stays calm and in good shape despite a steady pace (never more than ten hours a week for 10-11 years), perhaps you will be tempted to let him go.

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