5. Does the stoemp say something to you?

5. Does the stoemp say something to you?

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5. Does the stoemp say something to you?

This is what is known as mixed vegetable purees in the North.

Ingredients : mix together three vegetables maximum, not to blur the tastes. To choose to soften: butter, olive oil or cream.

The trick: Once cooked, crush all vegetables with a fork or a little butter, or use the mixer in a slow position. Better, the famous puree of our grandmothers. Avoid mixing too quickly, especially if you have potatoes in the mix, to avoid "chewing gum" textures.

The good trick : deglaze the pan where you cooked the meat with a knob of butter and a tablespoon of water. Pour the juice obtained on the puree. You can also make a little rabbit decoration as in the picture with a little light cream.


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