Children left alone: ​​a disturbing law of the series?

Children left alone: ​​a disturbing law of the series?

In November, a father had left his little girl alone in the parking lot of a discotheque to go dancing. A few days ago, a mother left her 5-year-old son alone at her house to party. At the beginning of the week, a 3-year-old girl was abandoned in a parking lot while her aunt was playing at the casino. Worrying? (News of 23/12/10)

A disturbing law of series?

  • End of november, a father had left his four-year-old girl alone in his car, on the parking lot of a discotheque, to go dancing. The Colmar Criminal Court sentenced him to a suspended eight-month prison sentence. A dramatic incident that today echoes 2 other stories.

Left alone in a parking lot ... to go play at the Casino

  • Thelast weekenda 2-year-old girl was found in the underground car park of Hyères Casino. It is one of the caretakers of the car park who discovered it during a round. Alerted by the crying of the child, he managed to explain to the little girl how to open the door of the car. His aunt and uncle had gone to play at the Casino. The girl was placed in a home and a procedure for abandonment of child was opened by the Public Prosecutor of Toulon.

Left alone at home ... to go to nightclubs

  • Other news, last week, in Dijon. A 21-year-old woman gives her 9-month-old baby to the child's father to go out in a nightclub. Unfortunately, he decides to join his companion, leaving the baby alone ... with 2 bottles. The baby was found safe and sound by the police at 6:00 am, after the couple was arrested outside the disco because he was arguing. Social services were contacted and a procedure for neglecting a minor was opened.

Reminder of safety instructions

  • It must be remembered that a child, even if he seems to be independent, or if he sleeps peacefully, can not stay home alone, or wait in a car!

Stéphanie Letellier