4 barter sites to save money

4 barter sites to save money

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More and more numerous on the Internet, barter or online exchange sites are a practical and economical way to renew your child's wardrobe, or yours, while sorting in your closets! Here are 4, which we particularly liked.


  • And if instead of storing clothes who do not go to your child at the bottom of the cupboard, you exchange them with other moms? On Kiditroc, the principle is simple: you create a pack of clothes, then you put it online. Once a member chooses your pack, you have the right to choose one in your turn. The packs, composed of about 10 clothes, are classified by age and are well detailed, mostly accompanied by photos which avoids unpleasant surprises.
  • Rate : 15 € to receive a pack, including postage, via relay points.
  • www.kiditroc.com

The little wardrobe

  • A clothing site for children from 0 to 12 years old with a target heart between 0 and 5 years old. The principle is simple: to choose a lot of clothes, you must first offer one, with clothes of the same size in good condition. The site can also do the lots for you thanks to the 15 € formula. This price includes the free collection of clothing (40 pieces minimum), the constitution of the lots, the taking of photos and the shipping.
  • Rate : The exchange is free if you are going to pick up your lot directly from another member, otherwise the shipping will cost you € 9.99. Delivery at your place or Mondial Relay.
  • www.larmoiredespetits.com

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