Pregnant 3 months, I have yellow losses, it's normal?

Pregnant 3 months, I have yellow losses, it's normal?

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"At 3 months of pregnancy, I noticed the appearance of yellow losses and it worries me ... Is it normal?" Anna Roy, a liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Anne-Lise's question.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • Secretions or vaginal discharge are normal and necessary. Nevertheless, their consistency, color and smell must be monitored. Vaginal secretions testify to the natural process of eliminating and cleaning the superficial cells and bacteria by the vagina which is a real ecosystem.
  • Under the effect of hormonal impregnation, their production increases during pregnancy. This is not worrying because they will better protect the mother and the future child.
  • During pregnancy, these secretions can be quite abundant. Be careful, however, to remain vigilant to their appearance. The losses must be translucent, sharp (not thick) and odorless. Vaginal secretions, thickened, opaque, colored, yellow in particular, which may be accompanied by an unpleasant odor are outside the normality. They can be associated with burns and itching. They most often indicate the presence of an infection or a fungus, disorders quite common in pregnant women, more fragile and more sensitive to germs.
  • At the slightest change in the consistency of the vaginal secretions, it is better not to let drag and talk to his midwife or his gynecologist. They are usually not serious, but they must be treated to avoid complications. A vaginal sample may be prescribed to identify the troublemaker (germ or fungus) that can be treated with different treatments fully compatible with pregnancy and safe for the baby: cream, eggs, oral tablets.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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