4 chef recipes for your apprentice cook

4 chef recipes for your apprentice cook

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The desserts ... your gourmand loves to eat them, but what if you also offered to make them? Chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand offers 4 recipes of cakes for young cooks. It's easy, just follow the pictures of our slideshows. In the kitchen !

The cake with yogurt and apples

It's crazy what you can do with a yogurt ...! It is he who is used to measure the ingredients to make this well-known cake. Easy for your apprentice cook!

The recipe in pictures.

The strawberry charlotte

But what does this charlotte hide? Strawberries, of course ... but also all the talent of your apprentice cook who will be able to realize this delicious recipe with your help.

The recipe in pictures.

The half-cooked choco

A real treat these half-cooked deliciously flowing! To achieve them, you need chocolate of course and a good user manual. The steps in pictures. In the kitchen, little cook!

The recipe in pictures.

Madeleines with white chocolate

All cute, all good ... here are small madeleines with white chocolate to make by your young greedy. It's easy, just follow the pictures from our slideshow. Come on, put on the apron!

The recipe in pictures.

These recipes are from the collection The recipes of the Nutcracker, recipes of the chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand, ed. Milan.



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